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Upcoming Events

FMCC Movie Night

September 17, October 15, November 5.

FMCC Movie Night is usually at 7:00pm. Families are encouraged to attend.

Popcorn and water will be provided

Communion Sunday

August 15, September 5 and September 19.

Pot Blessing Sunday

September 5, October 3 (outdoor picnic), November 21 (Thanksgiving Celebration)

Breaking bread in fellowship is an important part of Christian life. Once a month we gather together for a family meal followng worship. Please join us.

48 hours of worship and prayer

The Jewish Festival of Tabernacles is a celebration that gives us a window into the return of the Lord and redemptive community. Begining Friday, September 24th at noon through Sunday, September 26th in worship we will have continuous worship and prayer honoring the Lord.