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Greetings Dear Friend,


Welcome to the FMCC web-page. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Rev. Dr. Bruce E. Pratt and it is my privilege to be the pastor of Flower Mound Community Church. I was born in Colorado and lived there the early part of my life. My wife, Robyn, is from the same home town; however, we did not meet until college. Our first pastorate was in Kewanee, WI. We moved to Flower Mound in March of 2002 when I became the pastor of FMCC.

Flower Mound Community Church is a church unlike any other. At FMCC you will find a collage of attributes uniquely fit together. We believe in doctrinal integrity, but we know we must leave room for sincere Scriptural differences. Therefore a guest will find Christians from Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Pentecostal backgrounds. We believe that the church is an intergenerational organism, so you find all of our activities, including worship, are geared toward including the senior saints, as well as the young who are growing up in the faith. We believe that Christian life is meant to be done in community, so we orient ourselves toward activities that enhance our relationships. We believe that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is essential to the Christian. We would not be classified as ‘Pentecostal’, but we affirm the full gifting of the Holy Spirit for the ministry of the Gospel. We affirm the ministry of intercession among God’s people, and we affirm that Christ’s healing ministry is active and real. Finally, Scripture tells us that God is Love. If God is love, then his people need to be loving. As a guest you will not find a more loving group of people than right here at FMCC.

See you on Sunday,