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The Covenant of Flower Mound Community Church


We acknowledge the Father, His plan of salvation in Christ, the ministry of the Holy Spirit in this church, which is composed of the saints who acknowledge the authority and inspiration of Scripture.  We believe God desires to meet people where they are and to bring them to eternal life with His love through the power of prayer, so that humanity may receive the fullness of the abundant life of Jesus Christ. (Colossians 1:15-22)

We covenant to be a church that is a healing, family of grace that provides refuge for all who are hurting.  We, through Christ, embrace our community and provide it with an example of believers who overcome the sin of the world with the joy of salvation.  We desire to minister to all generations, and together raise children to live in Christ and relish the richness and fullness of His body. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)

We covenant to be a people that grow in the biblical virtues of thankfulness, hospitality, integrity, maturity, hopefulness, discipline, acceptance, and joy.  With this growth we will submit to each other in Love, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We strive to work together in this Love for the edification of the church, with creativity, honesty, and tempered communication.  As members of Christ’s body, will will intercede to build up each other with grace and mercy as we travel through life’s journey of discipleship. (1 Corinthians 13:1-8a, Galatians 5:13-26)

Finally, we covenant to be a living body, which focuses on equipping the redeemed people of God so that they may fulfill His calling for their lives.  We will be a living body that partakes in genuine worship guided by tradition but reaches out to the current culture without fear.  We will be a body, with an active participation in the nurturing of future pastors and missionaries who have been called by the Father, as well as a desire for the expansion of the kingdom of God by planting self-sustaining bodies of believers.  We will do all this by being, established by Christ, empowered by the Spirit, bound by our covenant, grounded in the Scripture, all for the Glory of the Father. (Acts 1:7-8)