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FMCC Ministry Theme for 2021

 The ministry theme for 2021 is ‘Who is in Your House.” Based on the lifestyle evangelism appoach from Tom Mercer and his ‘oikos’ principle. In New Testament Greek ‘oikos’ means house or church. The early church met in houses, the oikos principle celebrates that Christ has placed people in our ‘houses’, people that get a front row seat to watch us live Christ. These people are the ones that God has placed in our midst to bring to the Father. There are five steps to the ‘oikos’ process: identify, pray for, invest in, invite, and await. We will follow this process step by step. By the end of 2021 FMCC and its people will have reached out twice to the people in our houses. Come join us in this exciting adventure as we authentically/relationally share the Gospel of Jesus with those we love.